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 Equine Hoof Sense, by its definition, is understanding equine foot function, limb deformities,  hoof distortion, biomechanics, evaluating foot falls, applying sound shoeing principles, craftsmanship and horsemanship.

Whether or not soundness issues are environmental, human or conformation caused, understanding and applying balance principles and utilizing traditional craftsmanship will greatly improve your horses foot health and continued service.  However it may not stop there.

Many of the horses and clients I work with utilize their horses in all disciplines, from pasture pets to performance Understanding each discipline provides me with the knowledge and understanding of how your horse is asked to move in its unnatural range of motion.  Utilizing an adjustment technique that places your horse in a position to align the cervical, thoracic and lumbar vertebrae will help or eliminate many of the symptoms caused by incorrect shoeing practices or use. You can read more on this under Products / Services.

My philosophy is this in a nut shell.     I want your horse to be sound, comfortable and happy. I want you to be able to afford the proper maintenance of your horses and I realize, being a multiple horse owner myself, that this is not an inexpensive hobby or career for anyone.                  

I make every effort to meet scheduling needs for my clients. I meet my clients at events, remote ranches, work weekends, and/or nights, and for the most part my clients are on a schedule of every six to eight weeks depending on the needs of the horse.  They know when I will be there and can count on me. 

 Find out where I am going to be by visiting the Calendar tab. Then contact me for an appointment.  I will make every attempt to come see you or I will refer you to someone that can help.                                           

I have brought on an outstanding and knowledgeable farrier to increase our ability to service both clients and continue our research on Equine Lameness.  Please meet Lorianna Ely.  When you call for an appointment you will most likely be speaking with her.  She is a formidable asset to you and your Equine.  


Sam Ely and Lorianna Ely                                      

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Please leave a message on either phone and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you Sam and Lori